Vacation Property Partner’s unique co-ownership model is the new, affordable way to own your dream vacation home!

The Power Of Partnership

Finding a Partner & Buying a Property Together

Shared Ownership Cuts The Cost
of Vacation Home Ownership in Half!

  • Half the purchase price and down payment!
  • Half the mortgage, taxes, and insurance!
  • Half the maintenance and HOA costs!
  • But all the usage you need!

Vacation Property Partners is an exclusive Club.

We’ll help you connect with a like-minded, compatible partner with whom to co-own a vacation home.
Each partner holds a separate and undivided interest in the property. The reality is most people end up using their vacation home only about 10-20% of the year. Co-ownership lets you cut the cost of ownership in half, and still get to use your vacation home as much as you would if you owned the whole thing! Renting it out when neither of you are using it will cut costs even more. Or if you have a set budget, now you might be able to afford a vacation home that costs twice as much as you thought you could afford.

This is NOT a timeshare or a fractional, it’s two owners of one property.

  • A timeshare has many people each entitled to 1-2 weeks of usage, but VPP enables you to co-own your very own vacation home. Each partner has 50% equity in the property and 50% of the year to use it. 2 owners, 1 property
  • A fractional usually has 4-8 (or more) partners. They usually own shares in an LLC that could be illiquid. The property is usually managed by a management company who takes fees for themselves and the investors have almost no individual control.
  • Neither offers you the opportunity to own the exact property that you want, the flexiblity of usage or a clear exit strategy. Getting out of either a timeshare or a fractional may be a challenge.

Whether you already have a specific property or area in mind, or are just starting to look, we make it easy to find a like-minded, compatible partner.

Finding your Vacation Home

Whether you already have a specific property or area in mind, or are just starting to look, VPP can recommend top brokers in that area who are familiar with setting up a co-ownership to help you through the search and closing process.
We also have Members who currently own their own vacation home and are using VPP to bring in a partner so they can pull out some cash and reduce their own monthly expenses.
Plus our exclusive “Rebates for Home Buyers” program can get you a CASH rebate at the close of escrow when you use a recommended agent in our network to act as your personal Buyers’ Agent.

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