Find your partner

Using compatibility criteria such as desired location, size/style/price of home, usage needs (holidays, seasons, typical length of stay), furnishing tastes and more, we help you find a like-minded co-owner looking for the vacation home that suits you both.

Find Your Home

You and your co-owner can search together for your vacation home, or we can introduce you to a preferred buyers’ agent who will also give you a ½%* cash rebate on the purchase price at closing.

If you have a specific vacation home in mind but it just hasn’t penciled out, we can help you find a partner!

Or you can browse our listings of recommended properties, including many whose owners are looking for a partner.

You can buy any vacation home in any location in the US!


Generate Your Customized Letter of Understanding

Years of experience and talking to property partners have given us insight into most of the concerns people have about co-ownership of a vacation home.

Your personalized Letter of Understanding is created dynamically, online by you and your co-owner and can ease concerns about your partnership.


Live Your Dream!

Now you can own the vacation home at half-off!
Or get twice the vacation home you thought you could afford!

Manage Your Property Like A Pro

Our PropertyBoss system allows you and your co-owner to schedule stays, budget, manage expenses, track vendors and more.