Cash Rebate on Your Vacation Home Purchase!

Up to ½% CASH rebate on Your Vacation Home Purchase when you use one of top local referred buyers’ agents! See how much cash you can get back at escrow!

How your rebate is calculated and paid

Home Cost

Home Seller pays

6% Commission
$ -----

Commission is split

50% to Seller’s Agent (3%)
$ -----
50% to Buyer’s Agent (3%)
$ -----

Buyer’s Agent gives RFHB a 35% referral fee of their commission

35% of 3% commission
$ -----

RFHB splits our referral fee with Buyer as the rebate paid at Closing

50% of RFHB referral Fee
$ -----

YOUR REBATE Cash at Closing

* Indicated rebate is an estimate based on the standard closing broker commission of 6%. If the commission changes, the rebate will be changed proportionately