HalfHalf the Cost...

... All TheOne Hundred Percent Joy

Vacation Property Partners is an exclusive club. Our Members use our innovative technology to connect and create a co-ownership with a like-minded, compatible partner. We provide unique tools to help facilitate the process.

Three ways to make it happen...

  • Connect with a compatible co-owner on the site and choose your vacation home together.
  • Find your vacation home and connect with a co-owner.
  • Browse listings of vacation homeowners who want to bring in a co-owner

Making ANY vacation home more affordable Enjoy all the benefits of a vacation home at half the cost of individual ownership.

It's NOT a timeshare

It's NOT a fractional

It is co-ownership of a single property with a qualified, compatible co-owner

Only Vacation Property Partners Offers These Unique Benefits

Unique “3D” Financial Protection

Exclusive access to financial protection for up to one year of property expenses in case of:


Home Protection

Your Personalized “Letter of Understanding”

A proprietary, dynamically generated document that addresses almost every conceivable issue including usage, rentals, management, allocation of expenses and exit strategy.

Agreement Details

Exclusive MasterPLNR Management System

Allows you and your co-owner to easily schedule stays, rentals, budget, manage expenses, track vendors and more.


Cash Rebate on Your Vacation Home Purchase!

Up to ½% CASH rebate on your vacation home purchase when you use one of our top local referred buyers’ agents!

See how much cash you can get back at escrow!

Calculate Rebate

Free “Vacation Home Expense” Calculator

See exactly how much your vacation really costs and how much co-ownership will save you.

Expense Budgeting


Your New Vacation Home is Now your Passport for FREE Vacations Around The World!

A free one-year membership to is now included with your vacation home purchase!

Unused time at your vacation home can be exchanged for UNLIMITED home exchanges anywhere in the world at no cost to you!